Healthcare in South Africa is entering a period of immense change with an impending market enquiry into the private healthcare sector and extensive policy reform including developments geared towards a National Health Insurance scheme.

Our team has considerable experience in the healthcare sector, including analysis of both the public and private sector. This includes expertise in competition, pricing methodology, pharmaco-economics and healthcare policy. We have done research on a variety of key policy issues in South Africa including tariff setting for doctors and pharmacists,  the proposed National Health Insurance, the effects of designated service providers, prescribed minimum benefits, demarcation of healthcare insurance, and competition in the South African healthcare sector.

Economic advisors to Competition Commission of South Africa Healthcare Inquiry - South Africa (2015-current)
Sha’ista Goga, Ryan Hawthorne, Tamara Paremoer and Pamela Mondliwa are currently advising the Competition Commission of South Africa on economic aspects of the Healthcare Inquiry into the private healthcare market in South Africa.



Posted on September 12, 2016 .